Our website continues to be under construction, but now our new cost-effective, high-reliability telemetry antennas are under construction too.  Coupled with world-class customer service and support.


5260-C Bonsai Road
Moorpark, CA  93021

Phone: (805) 530-0014
Fax: (805) 530-0933
  Telemetry Antenna Company news update - 04-16-12

We are now completely moved in and organized in our new Production Facility in Moorpark, CA. We've been very busy building our first four antenna systems, which will ship in early 2012.

If you are in the area, the invitation to visit remains open.  We'd love to see you.

We would like to stop and take a moment to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy end of year holiday season.  May we all have a successful and prosperous 2012.

Product Data

Job opportunities  We're growing, see if you'd like to join us.

While we've only been in business since April 2011, we already have $2 million and anticipate doing another $2-3 million by our year end.

If you would like a hard copy of our new brochure, click on the Product Data link (above) to download/print it directly from the internet. 

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